7 Foods that Nourish the Heart

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7 Foods that nourish the heart by Desi Aunty

The liver is one of the very important organs, reason to help metabolism everything that goes into the body. So watch out for pursuing health eating habits as desigirlsforum.blogspot.com from Care2 following.

  • Drink a cup of green tea every day because catechin content in it able to clean up the mess in the liver.

  • In the morning, drink a glass of lemon water to flush out toxins from the liver and digestive launch.

  • Instead of drinking fruit juice, preferably fresh fruit directly enjoy. Berry and citrus fruit family is the recommended snack because there are a lot of antioxidants contained therein.

  • Add the saffron to the cooking soup or broth to help the healing process of infection of the liver. The reason turmeric is an anti-inflammatory agent for the body.

7 Foods that nourish the heart

  • China vegetables, such as bok choy (Chinese cabbage) are other foods you should never consume. Bok choy will help detoxifying poisons into the liver.
  • Some bitter foods, such as Pare, are healthy liver. Reason bitter foods stimulate the production of bile and help keep your heart better.
  • The good news is for you who love garlic. Section of some amino acid called methionine in garlic that help the heart work better and protect it from damage.

That's the heart of many healthful foods. Make sure you take it that the vital organs remain healthy and fit.

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