Thursday, December 18, 2014

Want to Know How to Take Care of Your Hair

Want to Know How to Take Care of Your Hair by desi girl

Ladies, hair is one part of a woman who has always been the center of attention. Because that has beautiful hair has always been a dream of every person. Some people think that hair care enough to wash regularly or by doing cream bath in the salon. Though there are other things that also need to be considered in order to grow healthy and beautiful hair.

Soft and healthy hair does not come just like that, but it needs care and effort. To get beautiful hair, make it a habit to always use conditioner regularly every shampoo. Apply evenly on the hair shaft from the middle to the end to keep the hair softness.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

15 Reasons For Not Marry to Your Boyfriend

Reasons For Not Marry to Your Boyfriend by desi girl and boy
Every woman wants to get married and build a happy home with the right man. Decidingto get married should not be in a hurry. Better to first identify the nature of your current girlfriend in order not to regret in the future. There is a common myth that states that the duration of a long courtship can be measured by a match. But there is no guarantee how the courtship was spent.

It could be your lover today is not the right man and unsuitable for marriage. Here are 15 reasons your boyfriend does not deserve to be married as reported from allwomenstalk.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Want to Stress-Free Life? Do Not Be Stingy!

Want to Stress-Free Life by cute desi girl sitting on chair

Humans are social creatures. You've heard and know when the school first. While it is they get used to live independently, solitary and learn to do it all yourself or even be completely individually, but still cannot be separated from other human role in their lives.

Rather than forcing yourself to be completely antisocial, open up and be someone who likes to help and love to give it turns out to have better health effects, as quoted from Help either outright force or object in a way to volunteer in a natural disaster, conservation centers, orphanages or places that need was able to reduce the levels of stressin your body.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Healthy Tips, Live Life Up to 100 Years

Healthy Tips, Live Life Up to 100 Years by Indian Desi Aunty and Girls in water

Everyone will want to live a happy and long life. At least you can watch your children grow up, get married and have children. But some people cannot get that chance because of several reasons, one of which is affected by a serious illness to pick up dying sooner.

Knowing this, then a lot of people decide to live healthier. Well, the health tips of 'fitnessmagazine' is also very good to keep your body fit until old age Ladies, among which are:

Eating Fresh Food
Expand to eat vegetables and fresh fruit. Food freshly picked or harvested from the garden is definitely better than it has been frozen or dried or preserved. Fresh fruits and vegetables is better to eat because they have a complete nutritional content. It would be better if it comes from an organic farm.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Dangers of Cigarettes for Your Feet

Dangers of Cigarettes for Your Feet by Desi Pakistani Girl

You must have often heard that smoking can cause lung cancer and coronary heart disease, but not only that smoking can affect your health, there are many other diseases that can be given by cigarettes, one of which is the health of your feet. Even a doctor can tell if someone is a smoker or not through his legs.

Based www.everydayhealth[dot]com, actually more rare blood flow to the legs and in fact your feet away from the lungs and heart, but smoking can influence throughout your body, because of peripheral arterial disease, or PAD can cause plaque cigarettes spread to vessels arterial blood. Your feet can feel pain or soreness due to the influence blockage of blood flow to the foot.