5 Quick Makeup Tricks to Look Stunning and Beautiful

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 Quick Makeup Tricks to Look Stunning and Beautiful desi girls

Nowadays it seems difficult to find time for many things, especially the treatment of the body. Sometimes for your own beauty, ladies. Here are 5 makeup tricks that makes you look stunning in just a few minutes as reported by Geniusbeauty. So you can spend your valuable time on other things.

Highlighting Eyelashes And Lips
Several times often twitched with a brush at the roots of the lashes will serve to lift them again and give them a fresh look. So, if you are in a hurry to go to various places directly from the workplace, you do not need mascara again, may produce effects clumpy, but fresh views.

Choose Your Lip Color Lipstick
With most into your bright lipstick in your bag can be sure to wear a smashing appearance in a matter of seconds you have to know the best colors; if not, soon found, try first coral color hues neutral or medium complexion, and fuchsia for dark skin.

5 Tips for Comfortable Traveling with Children

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Tips for Comfortable Traveling with Children by Hot Indian Girl in Saree

It's not uncommon for children fussy and crying when asked to travel far. If there is something like this, of course parents will feel bothered. When taking children to travel far for a holiday or for work, make sure to make your child always safe and comfortable journey. In order for the child to feel safe and comfortable, quoted from source these tips you can do.

Make sure you prepare all the needs of the child and yourself as possible. Prepare a healthy physical condition to travel far. Encourage the child to buy these items need while on vacation or away from home. Create a child choose what he wants to take it and have the child do the packing.

8 New Plastic Surgery Trends of 2015

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New Trends in 2015 Plastic Surgery by desi pakistani girl

2015 is the year in which the trend become the most widely pursued. Start of social media, gadgets, to beauty. We have entered the global era, where everything and trends may come and go with ease.

One beauty trend that is still in fashion of 2015 is plastic surgery. In 2014 then, plastic surgery has also become a trend in some countries. Now entering in 2015, predicted the popularity of cosmetic surgery will increase due to the influence of Instagram and Facebook.

New Plastic Surgery Trends 2015

According to experts from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery , the patient wants small and large changes in his face.

Reporting from prnewswire.com , not just the face that are interested in faces made, even the neck also come to the attention of admirers of beauty. Read below the new plastic surgery trends of 2015.

Disguise Line
According to experts, people who choose this surgical procedure is usually to correct a crooked nose. In addition, they also want to improve the quality of breathing at the same time.

Skin Beauty Tips: 3 Natural Masks For Skin Lightening

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Natural Masks desi woman

Most women want clear, beautiful and healthy skin. Many beauty products that can help you have a clear skin, but not a bit of beauty products that contain chemicals that are harmful. To get a clear, healthy and beautiful skin, below are simple ways that you can apply at home.

Egg White Mask And Lemon
Mix one egg white, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, and 1 tablespoon of sour cream. Mix together the four ingredients into a container. If it is well blended, use as a facial mask and skin for about 15 minutes. When finished, rinse thoroughly and get fresh skin, bright and beautiful. Mask of natural materials is allegedly is ideal for oily skin types.

Tips To Wash and Clean Jeans to Look Always New

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Tips To Wash and Clean Jeans to Look Always New

Caring for jeans is easy bother Ladies. You should know exactly how to care such as washing up storage to make it always looks new. This time DesiGirlsForum will bring care surefire tips to look always new jeans from the experts Creative Director of DL1961 Premium Denim, Sarah Ahmed as has been reported by this brit.coberikut.

No one really wash jeans as often as other clothes washing. Ahmed explained that it would be better if we wash jeans once every 2 weeks or a maximum of 1 month. It will make your jeans look clean but still durable because it did not damage the material if too frequently washed.

Wish You A Happy New Year 2015 from DesiGirlsForum

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"The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals." --Melody Beattie, author of 'Codependent No More', 1987

We wish you a Happy New Year 2015

Tips to Survive With Your Diet: Remember Needs, Not Desire

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Tips to Survive With Your Diet by punjabi girl

Not infrequently women fail to run because a lot of the test diet. Indeed, if there is no test, you will not feel you're trying to get it. To be a healthy person is like the pursuit of love. If you want to get love, try it first. Do not give up, even before trying.

So do also with the diet. Based fitnessmagazine, there are many reasons to be successful diet, so did a lot of reasons to be unsuccessful diets, one of which is to listen to your wishes.

Often after trying to get used to eating a healthy diet, you will find moments of "misses" fried, want ice cream, cheese cake or even junk food. This often makes shaky, to comply with your wishes, or ignore it and feel sad or disappointed because the desire is not fulfilled.
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